Are you experiencing a huge drop in search engine ranking and traffic?


“Lost positions on a lot of keywords. But like previous times, hoping to recover them back as the initial dust settles down. Too early to comment right now.”

“Agreed, I’ve seen this type of thing before. I think it was the May 2020 update that really nuked many of my sites. But after a few weeks when the dust settled down, the algorithm seemed to be tweaked to where many of my sites recovered.”

“Starting to see the movements today – some big ups, some big downs across the whole world, not just EN.”

“June Core Update – 20%. I checked the serps this morning. Looks like another -10 -20%. Thought, surely they rolled out the July Core update and it’s true.”


These are some of the tweets by some of the SEO experts.

Yeah! Google’s yearly algorithm update has started and there is a lot of talk about the positive and negative impacts on site ranking around the globe.

Google Update

 A two-part summer update was released by Google. The first Google Core Update for 2021 will be split into two parts. The first phase – the June 2021 rollout began on June 2, while the second instalment began on July 1, 2021. The Core Updates to Google’s ranking algorithm, as usual, are applicable to all markets and search indexes. 


What to expect? 

Your rankings may move up, down, or stay the same following any Google algorithm update. However, if you were affected by the June 2021 core update, the impact may be reversed with the July 2021 core update. Most sites won’t notice the changes, according to Google, but SEOs that manage a lot of sites will certainly see a lot of changes in the Google search results. 


What should you do if you are impacted by the updates?

 In the past, Google has provided recommendations on what to consider if you are badly impacted by a core upgrade. There are no particular steps to take to recover, and a negative ranking effect may not indicate anything is wrong with your website.  


Google, on the other hand, has provided a list of questions to consider which you can look at here if your site is affected by a core upgrade. Google has said that there would be some recovery time between core upgrades, but the largest difference will come after the next core update. 


The main this to do is NOT TO PANIC! Experiencing a drop in search ranking is temporary! Although following all Google’s steps for optimizing the websites is advisable to maintain and improve your Search Engine Ranking overall. 


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