What is changing, and why is it changing?

WooCommerce Stripe will switch to a new version support policy that fits with WooCommerce’s overall L-2 version support policy beginning with version 5.6. 

woocommerce intends to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the setting’s UI in version 5.6.0 of WooCommerce Stripe by using WordPress and WooCommerce components as well as offering some new capabilities to aid in the Stripe checkout process. 

They rely more heavily on the installed WordPress and WooCommerce versions as a result of these changes. This is to avoid the need to expand the codebase’s complexity or reduce the plugin’s performance (both in terms of execution speed and plugin size). For example, WooCommerce Admin includes a plethora of JavaScript packages that are required to power a variety of functions.  

Some (or most) of those packages aren’t included in older versions of WooCommerce, thus WooCommerce Stripe won’t be able to use them. WooCommerce Stripe will benefit from new platform capabilities more quickly and effectively by adopting a leaner version support policy. 


How will it impact you? 

Both merchants who utilise WooCommerce Stripe and developers who create solutions with it are affected by this move. 

If you use one of the following programs, this change will affect you: 

  • 5.5.x or older version of WordPress 
  • 5.4.x or older version of WooCommerce 

A warning in wp-admin will be included with the release of WooCommerce Stripe 5.5.0. If the version of WordPress and WooCommerce you’re running isn’t supported, you’ll see a warning. 


What action should be taken? 

It is always suggested to use the most recent version of WooCommerce. It is suggested that you update to the newest version of WordPress or WooCommerce if you are using one of the impacted versions. 

Merchants that use WooCommerce Stripe will only get support if their WooCommerce and WordPress versions are in the L-2 range for that release.