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    • Increase Brand Awareness

    • Build Relationships

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Social Media Services Ireland

Develop Brand Awareness

Growing your social media followers will translate to growth in referrals and word of mouth over time.

With our social media marketing services, you can increase your followers with relevant people.

We will also see to it that the followers you gain are your target demographic.

Build Relationships

By building relationships with your audience, you increase their likelihood to patronise you.

We help work on increasing engagements through likes, comments, shares etc.

The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increase Traffic & Growth

A boost in website traffic increases our sales and leads.

We will work on developing a campaign that boosts your web traffic.

To achieve this, we can add-on retargeting ads to keep you in front of recent website visitors.

Ready To Take Your Social media to the Next Level?

Our Process? Simple, Effective, Successful..!

Step #1

Let’s discuss your social media needs

We will listen to your Social Media Marketing requirements, guide you on how best to achieve your social media goals.

We will then create and send you a dedicated plan of action to increase your social media presence, reach and engagement.

Step #2

Develop Your Social Media Strategy

We’ll perform extensive research to create a social media strategy tailored to maximises your social media exposure.

We’ll run competitive analysis, develop a buyer’s persona, and build a foolproof social media content and advertising strategy.

Step #3

Social Content and Advertisements

We create content and social ads that represent your brand effectively across multiple social media platforms.

You can always review and amend the content with your account manager as the campaign progresses.

Step #4

Ongoing Campaign Management

Our expert social media managers will ensure the growth of your followers across all platforms.

Methods include hashtags, following, etc. Our curated social media content and posts will increase reach and engagement.

Step #5

Campaign Results Reporting

We provide monthly progress reports on improvements in your social media presence, engagements, and reach.

We’ll also provide you with unrestricted access to our reporting software to track the progress of your campaign in real-time.


We will beat Any Price you are currently paying for social media management!

We will beat any quote you have received in the last 30 days for Social Media Management!

**Based on like for like level of service

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Answers to some common Social Media Management Queries


We take key considerations such as followers, engagement, and website traffic into consideration. These metrics have extensive influences on sales, and with us, you will see an increase in their statistics month-on-month. We’ll also keep track of our progress and see how the campaign is working for you.

Growth on Facebook will depend on advertising and the effectiveness of your campaign. On the flip side, our clients on Instagram and Twitter will see a boost of 100 to 300 followers per month.

Our social media campaign will focus on developing both engagement and follower counts on your social media platforms. An increase in followers might translate to an increase in organic followers. However, our paid social advertising service will almost certainly see an immediate boost in website traffic.

Further use of specific landing pages to collect information can further focus new clients to look for specific good or services your business supplies. We can work with you to ensure maximum efficiency of your campaign.

With proper definitions, our clients can see increases in both engagement in followers within 30 days. These results will be consistent month after month.

We  recommend running your social media campaign for a minimum 6 months to a year if you will like to see improved conversion rates. This is because our main objective with this service will be to improve your brand’s engagement, followers, and word of mouth. However, if short-term conversion is your objective, then our paid social advertising services will be the best bet for you.

Contract & Setup Fees

Our initial contract runs for a minimum of 3-months. We’ll move on to a month-to-month rolling contract once that expires, you have the option to cancel anytime; as long as you give us 30-day digital or written notice. All services will be cancelled after 30 days.

There is a one-time setup fee. Once paid, you will be setup on all our analytic systems, search engine systems, and all administrative tasks required to run a successful campaign will be undertaken. All necessary advertising accounts will be setup as well.

If you feel ready to proceed, get in touch with us. We’ll have a sales consultant help you identify the best plan of action and build you a proposal. Once you approve the proposal, we’ll send you a contract and begin your campaign as soon as is possible.

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